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HP Velotechnik nieuws Eurobike

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Hp Velotechnik introduceert een trike waarbij de aandrijving electrisch ondersteunt is maar waarbij ook het kiezen van de juiste versnelling volledig automatisch wordt geregeld.

Hp schrijft: "Here is what’s new in 2017 by German recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik: With the combination of the Shimano STEPS/Di2 and a super stable tadpole trike we present at the Eurobike Trade Fair (Friedrichshafen, 31.8.- 4.9.) the “worry-free package” for those who look for absolute simplicity for their (E-)ride.". En daarin staat al veel informatie. Gelukkig voor liefhebbers van veel (electrotechnische) techniek is er ook een vrij uitgebreid verhaal over deze introductie beschikbaar.
Als je het verhaal leest bekruipt je het gevoel waarbij het "velotechnik" in de merknaam van dit bedrijf verschrikkelijk ver is doorgevoerd. Alles tot doel om te komen tot een ervaring die goed beschreven is door een andere bekende fabrikant van auto's die de term "Freude am fahren" vaak gebruikt. Als bezitter van de nieuwe e-trike hoef je eigenlijk alleen nog maar te remmen en ook het electrische gedeelte aan te zetten. Verder heb je er eigenlijk geen omkijken naar. Je trapt, het schakelen gaat automatisch en ook wordt de ondersteuning verder door het electrische gedeelte geregeld.

En de optie wordt geïntroduceerd via het model Scorpion maar dat betekent niet dat deze noviteit tot dit model is beperkt. De fabrikant schrijft: "HP Velotechnik's modular assembly system allows all trikes belonging to the Gekko and Scorpion models to be outfitted with a SHIMANO Steps motor (250 W) and an 8 speed automatic electronic Di2 shifting. System Integration are the keywords from Shimano for all of their products.A major advantage to this system:the most efficient gear is chosen depending upon the speed, cadence and pedal pressure."

Normaliter zou de motor als middenmotor bij een rechtop fiets worden gebruikt. Aangezien dit een ligfiets is wordt de motor ingebouwd bij de trappers aan de voorkant van de fiets. De motor weegt 3,2 kilo en kan tot een bereik van 125 kilometer ondersteunen. Verder is het vermogen van de accu 418 wh.

Een wat langer verhaal in het engels hebben we gevonden in het persbericht: "The combination between the absolutely stable trike and the automatic gear selection gives the experience a fully new charm. “An easy riding, no worries experience gives the rider a new riding pleasure”, promises Paul Hollants, manager from HP VELOTECHNIK. The rider can concentrate on the traffic or simply enjoy the view while riding.

Simpler means easier acceptance

The system is a perfect fit to the “Scorpion plus 26 range, a trike developed for maximum comfort. The Scorpion Plus’s elevated seating position (up to 57 cm) and the specially designed, extra wide frame for easy entry and exit is of special interest for seniors, or for people with special needs who do not trust themselves on an upright bicycle.

Under the direction of Prof. Felix Ecker from the college in Fulda, Germany, a research group studied the handling of e-trikes and focused on seniors and their experiences. Prof. Ecker results showed that senior prioritized simple operation to be the deciding factor. “If the system becomes too complex or gives the impression of complexity, this “perception” over – weighs the otherwise positive attributes of a safe, three wheeled vehicle with a comfort motor”. In other words, the less confusion at first sight, the higher the acceptance.

Unique for such a technical product is the position of the motor. For an upright bike this would be a middle motor; the stylish trike now has a front motor since the bottom bracket is in the boom. Up until now, it was not possible to integrate a heavy middle motor into the boom. The torque from a motor combined with the tiny chainring would bring too much to tensile stress to the frame and folding joint. SHIMANO Steps is different: the slim-sized Steps motor with its 44 tooth chainring, fits in discreetly, and is absolute trike-compatible in the multi-award winning trike line-up.

At a stop light, shifts to smaller Gear

A further advantage to the automatic shifting: the most efficient gear is chosen depending upon the speed, cadence, and pedal pressure. At a stop light: The Di2 hub then shifts to a smaller gear to allow a quick start when the light turns green. That reduces wear- and-tear, and reduces the power needed to start.

The rider still remains in control of the riding experience. The automatic shifting can be turned off and shifting can be manually, but still electronically, shifted. The system then can learn how the rider shifts and will apply this knowledge once the automatic mode is chosen again.

A further comfort feature with the SHIMANO Steps system is the integration of the lighting system which is powered from the battery.

HP Velotechnik sees the introduction of a further e- drive system as an exciting alternative to the GO SWISSDRIVE rear hub motor. The SHIMANO Steps is at 2090 Euro, 500 Euro less expensive than the premium GO SWISSDRIVE from Switzerland. Both systems offer a low center of gravity battery mount under the seat as well as the new “Top View” placement of the display on the end of the handlebar.

HP VELOTECHNIK Chief Designer, Daniel Pulvermüller, sees the advantage for people who shy away from active shifting or who wish to use e-trikes in hilly terrain where the Shimano Steps system allows, due to its geared transmission, a lower cadence making overheating no longer an issue. The rear hub motor from GO SWISSDRIVE is has many advantages: almost absolutely silent, a reverse gear, and the ability for custom programming for people with special needs.

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