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Citycycling 38

Gepubliceerd op 02 augustus 2008 00:00 (31 keer bekeken) 0Reacties

Citycycling nummer 38 telt ook 38 bladzijden. We bekeken voor u de inhoud en schrijven in het uitgebreide bericht een lang verhaal over de toekomstplannen en uitbreidingen van de makers van het blad.

Het nummer is weer prachtig om te zien, op deze pagina begint het feest.
Professor Dawes is er weer met een nieuwe aflevering, tips voor forenzen, en nog vele andere onderwerpen...

Citycycling ideas and new developments

The evolution of, and addition to, citycycling continues apace. We
might be falling behind on our videos (we can blame two loose mounting
screws for that one) but this issue sees us launch our RSS feed. If
you don't know what that is, well, we hadn't really used them till
recently either. But it's a great way to keep in touch with what's
happening, and means you'll know as soon as a new issue is online if
you subscribe to it (which can generally be done through any email or
internet facility). We'll be notifying the new issues, together with
detailing some of the main articles we have inside each month.

Next month we're planning a Podcast. Citycycling is finally moving
into the 21st century!

But to this issue, grand old number 38. And we've got a couple of new
correspondents to crow about. Firstly there is the legendary Jacquie
Phelan, mountain biker extraordinaire, who has agreed to let us dip
into her mind for thoughts; and another we're hoping will become
permanent, James Straffon from NÖ Endeavour, who this month has
detailed a charity ride from London to Cambridge.

For my part I've been riding in London for the first time, and it was
a bit of an odd experience creating a few mixed emotions. This is all
while just about managing not to be knocked down by a swerving driver
closer to home, and reporting him to the police (another first). We've
also been talking to Brian Palmer, the man behind the Washing Machine
Post (trust us, it's brilliant).

And if you're looking for some inspiration to get out on the bike
whenever you can, Graham shares his '31 days of bike', an illustrated
diary of riding every day in a month. In amongst that little lot are
all the usual stuff, like the bike of the month (an unidentified old
green thing); Professor Dawes carrying on his quest; the brilliant
citycycling Flickr gallery; a how to... guide on staying fresh at
work; madam raven dispensing some more free advice; the caption
competition; the numbers game; the store... There are 38 pages of
goodness right there (to match the issue number...).

What better way to pass a morning at work?

Anthony Robson
Editor, Citycycling Magazine


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