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Verslagen recordraces

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Vele rijders verheugden zich op recordpogingen afgelopen weekeind. Er was echter veel ongeluk in de lucht toch slaagde het Eivie team in het stellen van nieuwe recordtijd op de 1 uur van 87,109 kilometer.

Op het Velomobilforum werd de geslaagde recordpoging in Duitsland bekeken. Het record werd namelijk gebroken op de Eurospeedway Lausitz in Duitsland. ER is een youtube filmpje van.
Er zijn pogingen geweest in Frankrijk, Malric schrijft hierover in zijn Blog.

Onderstaand stuk is een bewerkte google translation van een artikel op Velorizontal en gaat over de pogingen die op de Ceram Testbaan werden gehouden.12 JULY 2008 - A GREAT DAY FOR THE RECORD OF EUROPEAN VELO

Meteo-France had made the announcement of a sustained and rainy weather for July 12, 2008. Yet, made by Damjan Zabownik and Eivie team, many teams were eager to come attend the third meeting of record attempts held on attractive ring speed CERAM. Less than a year after the first test run, the present champions are proliferating at every opportunity or Paris runway has opened its doors to challenge records. This great day, it was able to count starting with the ladies and in alphabetical order: Rosmarie Buhler (visit), Barbara Buatois, Ellen Van Vugt. Among men Malric Leborgne, Francesco Russo, Hans Wessels… ..

At a time when clubs or organizations compete each other, one can not appreciate and commend the friendly cooperation between the complementary and AFB (organizer) and France-both of which HPV is struggling to motivate and boost the revival of emulation and approvals records on the European continent.

And without doubt to thank this beautiful energy, the sky has dropped a twenty raindrops, at the end of the day and after 12 hours of almost non-stop entertainment on the trail of CERAM.

From 7 am 30, M Lantenois, faithful to accommodate each of our visit to CERAM, opened facilities and runway accompanied the first teams on the tarmac.

Since the meeting of KIDAM, the team novice Philippe Valleix under the auspices of IUT Annecy had undertaken multiple approaches for their "Altair" can be ridden in an attempt of 100 km distance record by miss Barbara Buatois. This machine voluminous developed on the fairing of a Toxy Zr, wearing Michelin tires experimental and transmission magazine, gave Barbara a few apprehensions about the lack of experience and development… At 8 am 30, she slipped still in the seat for a taxi test and grip, fairing open. Moving away from the post of timing, I saw a white silhouette stand up in the air and I imagined that a lack of direction angle of the Altair party was slipping into the ditch on grass. However closer to me, I discovered Barbara hurt on knee and left cheek open. After having offered her a chair and blanket for the comfort of emotion, we understood that the improper positioning of the wheels side testing had caused them to crash a brutal and inevitable journey towards the passenger eponymous star of his horse… Barbara would come back to us after care and monitoring visit to the hospital in Senlis. The team Altaïr devote the rest of the day to continue its developed.

After being reassured of the health of our national champion, Francesco Russo had been on track to 9:00 for early trials. Morale excellent, the Swiss champion will return with the disappointment of not being able to establish his taxi at 80 km / h as easily than usual. It refers to see difficulty in breathing fully.

Hans Wessels, takes advantage of niche released to test the runway with its Speed Hawk. Very stable towers are timed at around 72 km / h. It will return with the same comment that Francesco about the difficulty to breathe (humidity without doubt) .. Even if there deplores some small bumps (one champion can be satisfied), it will declare the trail of CERAM very pleasant to ride.

At 10:30 Francesco departed for a tour because his rear tire rubbing and requires it to stop. After a small repair of 15 minutes, he took the track for five laps assessment at around 70 km / h.

At 11:30, was the elongated former champion of the hour, Ellen Van Vugt, to drag, all wearing yellow, in his beautiful blue Varna. It will provide an impeccable demonstration of mastery and performance almost as fast as men.

Our national Malric, as a "habit" has devoted the morning to finish in the right mood and approach the new post of visibility of its cigar Zockra. Since the rolling of May, the strong French team under the jurisdiction of Mr. Férue Leborgne senior revised alignment of the transmission and rear axle. At 12:30, Malric off being able to finally see the runway. The father slips by my side in the car follower to monitor his son. The first test will be interrupted to refine and shorten the transmission chain.

It is already more than 13h. Assessing the results this morning is a little sad. But the stubbornness of all, did not vitiating the atmosphere of pioneers. As usual, at the break, they are all gathered around the campsite because of the warm Jean-Lou who prepared salads, rice and drinks to fruit juice. Each share what they have brought in a great solidarity.

It was during this moment of relaxation Ellen Van Vugt, just get out of torpor. She had initially wanted to achieve its performance in the evening, but just change your mind. Christian Dague, timekeeper and myself we took our official positions of control. Jean-Charles Gosselin took over the equally official car follower.

Signature of documents, regulatory audits equipment, brakes, helmet, initially arrested in the rules on aid with less than 15 meters, watches synchronized clocks, etc… all conditions are met for the female record of 100 km is established. It is 13h 25 minutes and 48 seconds, Ellen rushes.

During 19 rounds of 2.9314 km runway, Ellen gave us everything it takes to admire his determination. His best average, the fourth round, will reach 67190 km / h and it does not fall much less than 63 km / h. During the 20 th round Jean-Charles informs me by walkie-talkie security Ellen it appears to be derailed. By the time I hurried on the runway at second board service vehicle, the Varna is dropped in the grass bottom side. Ellen was, in fact, suffered a puncture on his rear wheel. She is very disappointed because this record was within reach and height of double misfortune, it stopped 2 minutes before the hour. That's the tough law of sport.

Malric and his father have completed their preparations. It is 15h 47 minutes and 13 seconds when he rushes for his attempt schedule. YES, Malric Leborgne will be the first to register his name at the top of the hour record on the track of CERAM. Despite the gusting wind, it will continue for 18 laps he credits between 58821 km / h and 45025Km / h. His distance schedule will finally settle for 49956km! At the top end, it is a wonderful joy that rises around the circuit. With a bicycle built in a week, capable of such performances (perhaps the best French official to check), we can bet that the family Leborgne ZOCKRA team and gave us a great example to motivate many vocations!

In the run-of euphoria, Hans Wessels back on the track to see more before it can draw with Speed Hawk. It verges this time 75Km / h.

Machine open, the pilot house of the IUT Annecy off shortly afterwards on the tarmac and onto the runway with a view seems t'il chain.

Temperature 19; 1 °; Humidity 55.8%; wind 7m/seconde to 332 degrees direction; 983758 Hpa the barometer. Francesco Russo has decided to tackle the time and he is free runway. To help cool down (probably after observing Damjan Zabownik) he has surrounded himself with bandages camphrés and grelotte while the locks on the fairing of Ristretto always beautiful and bright white as snow. His gaze is decided. It is 18h 16 minutes and fifty-six seconds when he swings. It quickly gives up its pace 78588 km / h on average over the loop. And for 26 laps of intense emotion, it will prove how it is a great cyclist. The Ristretto passes the timing strip as a rifle bullet. You can see the rotation of the legs of Francesco imperturbable in the cadence. Even if the wind because of differences, it is catching up as the path with skill. More nothing to stop it. Even if it falls on his 24th lap 72904 Km / h, he returned to complete the last 75892 km / h. Francesco has just overcome the wall of time and with 75145 Km it beats the record previously established by Swiss 73, 41 Km It is a true record and great reward, both the manufacturer, the pilot, his team and all those who have worked (thank you to you in the first Malric) so that they can enjoy and share such a joy. Francesco is bright because its performance has been achieved without giving the maximum of its potential, just to (finally) complete this dial who resisted him and assess the future. Bravo Francesco you have earned the kiss of victory!

Petite anecdote record:
While we occupy the center ring, an experimental vehicle brand X s'astreignait to meticulous circuits on other test tracks to test, seems to happens, suspensions. It was agreed in the protocol, that the vehicle puisses during the day, make a ring around at high speed at one of our poses. However, without warning, during the attempted Francesco we have seen a fall to nearly 200 km / h at the top of the ring…. Micro seconds panic past I rushed on Channel 1 to alert security whose effectiveness has proved immediate saving. The car was immediately stopped via radio contact with its test. He did not even doubled in slow motion, had merely followed at a distance, the car follower led by Jean-Charles, then leave the ring gently…. Thanks to Mr. Lantenois for his reflexes and vigilant for the effectiveness of security implemented at CERAM. Because we imagine the risk Francesco allegedly had to be doubled by a car travelling at 200km / h, both by the effect of surprise, as the breath of air!

And the day has continued… Altaïr The team wanted to try, also a record… But the passage of the first tower is expected 11 minutes and the second will be forced to return with the safety car.

Malric was, meanwhile, swelled to block for a 200 metres flying start. Then they fired cables, installed the bands timing and it was very late when he could not run. During the first round acceleration drops of rain have made their appearance. The cigar Zockra having no ice towels, Malric missed the first band timing…. We shall never know how fast it went like a cannonball…. A good laugh to close the runway at nightfall this July 12, 2008.

And like everyone finally celebrate thank Laurent De France and its generous host. I was not there, but I suppose that the festive evening was long.

The moral of this day is that we believe advantage of the willingness of his heart than the weather. Even if it does not always shining above our heads, the joy of the sun has always shone! Adressons here, a huge thanks to CERAM who was able to open its installation and staff, effective, serving the extraordinary adventure of hunting records of human-propelled vehicles.

All our thinking, finally, is for it to Barbara to recover quickly and that it draws very soon kiss on both cheeks at her next victory.

Dominique Perruchon
On 13 July 2008


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