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Citycycling 29

Gepubliceerd op 03 november 2007 00:00 (38 keer bekeken) 0Reacties

Een nieuw en heel uitgebreid nummer van Citycycling is online gekomen.

Heerlijk leesvoer voor de herfst. Zelfs het kleurschema is aangepast naar de bruin en roodtinten van de natuur. Oogstrelend gewoon!
Vervolgens gaat het blad onder andere over het langverwachte artikel over fietsen in Kopenhagen. Uiteraard wordt de copenhagengirlsonbikes.blogspot aangehaald. Ook leuk, op in een forum lazen we dat Fietsen stijgt op de cool-index.

En of dat verhaal over Kopenhagen en de uitvoering van het blad nog niet genoeg is een artikel over de Nazca Fuego Sport.
De schrijvers van het blad vertellen: "I'm afraid we're going to have to issue an apology with this latest issue of citycycling. You see, we might be taking up more of your Friday than usual, because this is huge...

Maybe it's the colder, darker nights drawing in that has kept us all at our desks, slumped in front of the computer, tapping away feverishly to keep warm. There are over 40 pages for you to wade through this month, with topics ranging from 'innovative' bike lights and whether there is any point to them, to the building of a bike business in Portugal. We've got articles on riding in Copenhagen; riding in the fog; riding into wing mirrors (from the driver's perspective); riding through tunnels; riding in silence; riding from Glasgow to Edinburgh in the pouring rain for charity; and riding on rails.

The regulars are all there, from the website and bike of the month, to the gallery and the news.

We've also snuck in a little competition for a copy of a book we reviewed in last month's edition.

And you may notice that we're branching out into the multimedia world, with some new ccMovies. We now have a new little home in YouTube (with each month's videos on our own movie page here as well) - this month has a couple of interesting bike light clips.

On a final note, before you dive in, thanks must go, once again, to Ian Nutt. For the second month in a row he's provided us with a cracking cover - one which this month sums up the change in the seasons, and proves without a shadow of a doubt that he's spending far too much time with that Il Pompino....

We hope you enjoy this latest issue, and remember, we're always willing to hear from you about anything to do with the magazine, or any suggestions or articles of your own. Drop us a line through our contacts page (see left), you'll find we don't bite.


Citycycling nummer 28 staat in een oud nieuwsbericht.


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