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Citycycling, twee jaar oud, nummer 24 online

Gepubliceerd op 18 juni 2007 00:00 (22 keer bekeken) 0Reacties

Alweer is City Cycling verschenen. Maar ook deze keer niet zo heel veel ligfietsen. In het uitgebreide bericht het voorwoord van de redactie en van ons de tips van delen die u niet mag missen.

Een van de dingen die het blad aanroert is de aandacht voor fietsen van de media. Frusterend hoe de fiets eigenlijk niet de aandacht krijgt die ze verdient.Er is weer een leuk verhaal.Website van de maand is een site die de fietsforens wat opwaardeert.
De redactie van City Cycling schrijft;"Let's begin with a quick public service announcement. There have been some
residual hiccups in getting this issue online in pdf format, but it will be
avilable by Saturday morning.

And so onto our second anniversary issue. Can it really be that long? Well
looking through all of the back issues the other day, yes it can! And things
have moved on quite a way from that tentative debut. After all, this special
issue has a rather special leader this month - none other than the world's
number one female road cyclist Nicole Cooke spoke with us this month, giving
us an insight into the world of a true champion.

Staying with racing we have news of a new photography exhibition in London
at the HOST gallery which celebrates the hard men of the peloton, the
Flandriens. And there are more European antics as Ben Broomfield decides to
ride from London to Paris without any sort of a plan....

Plans, however, are much in evidence in the RSPB as Richard Evans gives us
the results of a survey carried out in accordance with the Energy Savings
Trust into commuting.

And then come the raft of regular articles, stories and entertainment.
Professor Dawes slips into a new adventure (the Derailleur Code); our Flickr
group throws up more fanttic photography; the CTC's Cyclehero makes our
website of the month; and we look at cycling alone as well as poetically
chasing down.

Thank Campag it's Friday, and it's another citycycling!

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