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Greenspeed gaat samenwerken met Azub

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Een week geleden werd op Velovision al een samenwerking aangekondigd tussen twee grote ligfietsproducenten. Uiteindelijk hebben de bedrijven nu ook een persbericht verstuurd. En ze hebben een nieuwe website gemaakt, speciaal voor Europa.

PressreleaseCzech Republic, Uherský Brod, 23.4.2007 -


Greenspeed trikes have been available in Europe since
the GTS Sports Tourer was featured in the 1993/94 Encycleopedia. However, due to high import duties on fully built up trikes
from Australia, and thanks to the high air freight rates,
Greenspeed trikes were quite expensive in Europe. It was
also very difficult to provide customers with high standard of
service which they have in Australia, and in US. In the middle
2006 the family management of Greenspeed realized that the
best way of improving services and decreasing prices in
Europe would be to find a reputable operator with a good
working knowledge of the recumbent bussiness. After some
research AZUB BIKE was contacted, and in autumn 2006
the agreement between AZUB and Greenspeed was
made, and both companies started work on building
Greenspeed Europe.

Why Azub?

AZUB BIKE was founded by Ales Zemanek in 2001 in small town Uhersky Brod in Czech Republic near
Slovakia borders. In the beginning they built a low cost recumbent in the classic European format of
20/26“. But the goal was pretty clear from the start: „To better the quality, standards, and image of well
known European recumbent manufacturers.“ Year after year AZUB has brought out new technical
improvements, new models, new ideas and pushed hard into marketing. That is also the reason why
Greenspeed chose AZUB.
The partnership was officialy introduced during the
SPEZI show in Germany this year (2007) and first trikes
will be available in middle June.

Which models?

All trikes which will be
available as standard from Greenspeed Europe will be
assembled in Czech Republic, from frames and some
components shipped directly from Australia.
Europe will be also able to send any spare part to any part of
Europe within couple of days, and provide all customers with
high quality service as is usual for Greenspeed all over the
world. There will be available mostly the compact folding
trikes from GT series and also sporty folders X3 and X5. The
main advantage of GT series and the X series is the extremly
fast folding, for which you need just one allen key, size 6. Also
the touring GTO, heavy duty GTO+, and tandem trike GTT will
be available. For racing enthusiasists there will also be the
SLR trike with only 3 cm ground clearance, and great
acceleration and manouverability.
The Greenspeed trikes will be sold mainly through a network of special recumbent dealers all over the
Europe or directly, if there is no dealer in that country. The prices start at 2590 EUR for GT3.

See the web site



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