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WK wordt gehouden op circuit Zolder

Gepubliceerd op 07 mei 2007 00:00 (108 keer bekeken) 0Reacties

HPV België organiseert de wereldkampioenschappen ligfietsen dit jaar. De wedstrijden worden niet in Hannuit op straat gehouden, maar op het circuit van Zolder. Eerder zouden de wedstrijden over straten gereden gaan worden in combinatie met wedstrijden voor handbikes.

Op het BHPC forum is te lezen: "No panic! As you might know we were invited by the handbike association for the wc, in the south part of Belgium . They were offering a lot, we were only asking for save racing. Handbikers race for money , we for fun and glory… To cut a long story short: we’re organising the wc ourselves now on the former F1 circuit of Zolder: same date, one location, easy to control( Possibly the handbikers will join us.

Schedule: Friday 200 m , 1000 m
Saturday tt, fastest lap,, 45 min crit

Sunday: 100 km

It will be a silent weekend: no cars on the circuit, no disco. No more waiting, very soon all will be on our website.

Spread the word,

See you, Jan Van Dyck Hpv Belgium"

En over de regels: "1. vehicle classes: we tend to go for faired and unfaired, some people would
like a third categorie: tailfairing. It will depend on the participants as
well: if you only get one faired lady, this is not a competition. Age:
insurance for hpv in Belgium: from 15 to 70 . If you're younger than 15 you
need a cycling license from your own country. Age and insurance is still
under discussion with the KBWB , the UCU reps in Belgium. Insurance will
cover personal insurance and against third parties. If we get enough
tandems, handbikes, ... We can make an extra class.If there is one faired
tandem , it will be classed as a faired vehicle. Next week we hope to put
the rules online. Last year the French were very strict on using tail
fairings or not, changing was not allouwed during the wc, but the
tailfairings didn't make the difference: it was the gearing: going down
coming close to 100 k/h, next day climbing at a speed of 5 k/h. Putting on
extra gearing was allowed. Commons sense is would we would like to use to
determine the classes. This discussion has been going for years, I know...
2. Camping : 20 euro per tent (25 sm), electricity 5 euro, campers allowed.
Youth hostel nearby( We hope to arrange a pasty
party every night.It was only yesterday we switched from Hannut to Zolder
(we took an option on the circuit some time ago because we were not happy
with the way things were going in Hannut/Namur).There is other accommodation
available but we haven't got all the prizes yet.
We put you on the mailing list, so you will get all the information asp.
Note: go to the web site click on English language and then Bokrijk on the list of hostels. Looks attractive and reasonable. "
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